Let's Talk Referrals

Let's talk referrals... over the years and after talking with many entrepreneurs and professionals I've been using this process for passing and tracking referrals... When you meet someone that you think would be a good connection for a professional in your network - in person I write down the following on their business card:

  • Date

  • Where I met them - what event

  • What stood out about them - pink glasses, red hair, slammin' shoes .. anything to help me remember them.

Next I send an email introduction to both the referrals and the referee... Subject is Introductions. Then I write in a quick intro for each person only two sentences at most and AFFIRM each of them to each other. I cc myself and put in "referral sent" folder

Then I mark my calendar for a week out to follow up and make sure they connected ok. Usually to each separately.

Why go through all of this to give a referral? Well, I firmly believe in give and you shall receive. If you want to receive referrals you have to give them.. and sometimes the receiving part takes a while, but it always comes back. Make sure to be genuine in your emails and listen to how it is that you can help others!

Of course Paratus Network Members get the tool that I have used to track all referral received and given... this is perfect if you notice someone has given you maybe 5 referrals in the last 6 months, maybe its time to treat them to lunch?!

When a referral become a client ALWAYS send a handwritten thank you card and maybe tuck a gift card in there too! Who doesn't like a free cup of coffee from time to time?

What tips do you have when it comes to sharing referrals?

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